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Smoking Hot Pussy video

You're on a island vacation All alone. Walking, thinking. what to do.
Wishing there was a wild woman some where in your eye site.
In the distant there is a grove of palm trees. You sit down from your long walk.
In the right corner of your eye you see something move in the leaves.
You move your head not too much and see more movement.
WHAT was that, not what you saw.....a boob?
You see more "flesh flash" from the tiny corner of your eye.
Acting like you do not see, you sit there with your legs open and begin to get very hard.
The palms move more as the women in the small jungle keeps flashing you.
A dream come true, you stroke yoursel,f and she doesn't know.
You keep stroking thinking how she would be on top of you with her huge boobs in your face.
The sun is going down, the ocean is beautiful as you watch the woman flash on and on and on.
You lay down in the warm sand exposing your hardon and hand stroking.
Does she see me, you hope she will come over.
You close your eyes wanting and waiting for her appearance.
Eyes still closed, you feel little brush stokes on your balls.
You do not dare to open your eyes.
You do not want her to leave.
She's down low and can feel her breasts on your hip.
She takes your dick into her hand.
She stokes and strokes and stokes.....

Till you blast off to heaven!!!