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AMERICAN-WHORE.COM comedy whore film on the story board.  Who will be casted?

Adult Video Series 2016-2017 Wall Street Boss Makes Male Staff Strip

Messageboard Images for Zoe  Politicians to Poop 

Zoe Zane Care2 
Animal Welfare 

Murdered Zoe Zane Zoey Zane Kill Zoe, college girl used my porn name Zoe Zane, thousands believed I was dead.  My site shut down in hours.

Jenny Jones before her kitchen show.  Kitty Foxx and my stripper daughter in Chicago.  What it's like to have a Mom as a pro-dom and porn star.

KSJO RADIO STATION SAN JOSE -Male Virgin and Older Woman Next-door Halloween 2003

 Cougar Zoe Zane March 2010
KRZR Rock Radio Station Fresno 7:30 AM PST. Radio phone interview: from conservative housewife to cake farts, how did you get from there to here?
 The station called my home, I did the interview naked on my bed. I said, "I pick up guys at Starbucks and local grocery stores all the time. I like to check out the cucumber section thinking about their size".  Quote:  Zoe Zane

Zoe Zane and Howard Stern
Cake Farts Sep 15, 2008

Howard Stern Celebrity Sirius Satellite Radio 2008 - 2010

Zoe Zane is Howard Stern's cake fart girl 2008. MILF cake farts are vogue.  Howard Stern was laughing so hard, at "Zoe & the Sybian Machine".  It was the funniest thing he ever saw in years.  Zoe was a topless maid for cake farts sitting on a yummy birthday cake.  His crew threw cream pies left and right, tearing her wig off. OMG. Robin could not stop laughing.  Robin said, Zoe you are a pioneer in your field for porn star escorts and cake farts. Over 18 million Sirius Satellite Radio listens laughing out loud with Zoe Zane. 

How did you get on the show Zoe?  It was a dare from one of my fart fans. He emailed Howard Stern, they researched my porn site and asked me to make a special guest appearance in New York.

Future appearance on Howard SternTV Show:  he wants to interview me about my book "Everyone wants to know my secret life".

Howard and his wife have much in common with me.  We rescue cats. 


Howard SternTV iDEMAND.COM votes by viewers:

VOTED:  "Nursing Home Knockout Award" Hottest Older Woman
Howard Stern April 2010 Boob Flashing Thank You Video 


Zoe tell us about yourself.  
I'm over 50 MILF who had 7 kids.  I was a very conservative person in 1985,  Then, I ran off with a younger man to Las Vegas.  I was a phone sex girl and swinger at Vegas Red Rooster. Kitty Foxx saw me in a 40 men gang bang.  She contracted me as her top Mature Porn Star in "Aged to Perfection" adult movies Totally Tasteless Eddie Daroo

I started my own porn production business with Kitty Foxx and her hubby Alan. Inzane Productions 2003-2017 -ZiPorn Star Movies Zoe Zane

2000-2017 My Sexy Friends:  Ron Jeremy, Deauxma, Nina Hartley, Rita Daniels, Sally Deangelo, Seka, Debi Diamond, Southern Charms, Julia Upskirt Teacher

Kitty Foxx and I flashed our big tits on the streets of Las Vegas.  Infamous two granny gang bangs in Older is Bolder Movies, "Aged to Perfection" Totally Tasteless. More video: Exploited Moms, Wives Gone Black, ffstockings.com up-skirt school teacher, CAMZ and iFriends.net replay video.

Score Video, exclusive video appearance coming soon 2017

Blackmail by Pantyhose Video 2017:   Diva Diamond and Her Male Bitch

2003-2017:  Inzane Productions studio, lights and cameras with willing men and women.  I can make you "orgasm and laugh" from my live cam broadcasts  (weekly live cam show, subject to change).

What is your philosophy on making your adult videos? When I do a content or video shoot, I create an environment where people can be themselves. I encourage people to let go and have fun.

You can apply here

The One and Only Zoe Zane on the Net - Wall Street Boss Makes Male Staff Strip, The Older Woman, Up-skirt School Teacher


What are you stats? Tall Danish dancers legs 5'7" and 125 lbs. 38D-24-36 with bleached blonde hair, hazel eyes. My astrological sign, Aquarius. Born January 27, 1947 San Mateo, California

In your own opinion, what is your best feature?
My mind.

Credits: Penthouse photographer Laurien Photographic, OVER50 Magazine 2006 Taylor Wane Entertainment.  He watched me flirting 
LA Adult Con.  Laurien asked me to do photos for centerfold magazines. Penthouse Taylor Wane did my makeup and wardrobe. Laurien was turned on when I flashed my pink at both of them in their LA studio. 

Aunt Judy's: see me cougar photos/video

Glory Hole City Girl 2004-2005 www.gloryholecity.com I'm a glory hole city girl 2004-2005. My first image shoot was accidental with the webmasters from Glory Hole City Las Vegas 2004-2005. It just happened, we all hit it off. Spontaneous, lots of cum on my face. When it happens this way it was meant to be. Like the Universe says YES! Incredible content shoots happened at The Green Door Las Vegas.

What TV and radio shows have you been on? Glam Dom on Jenny Jones Show 2002,  Playboy Radio 2012, KSJO radio 2001, San Francisco Exotic Erotic Ball (2003-2011), GOTI Party 2004-2012. Sirius Satellite Radio with Howard Stern 2008-2010 and KRZR Rock Radio Station Fresno CA.March 2010, xxxpornstar radio Rita Daniels and Seka.

Spice Channel Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley, and Deauxma jumped to take a photos with Zoe Zane (Deauxma and I are both Aquarian and get along great)
Front Page News - San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper Folsom Street Fair

What two things would other people say they like most about you?
I'd say my deviant mind, the fact that I've pretty much corrupted everyone that's ever crossed my path in one way or another. I'm a wicked granny, 
"The Happy Domme" Fetish Diva Diamond 

Collarspace.com - The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

My clips4sale fetish store, cake farts, Giantess, Up-skirt Nylon Teacher etc.

My new healthy diet:  no sugar no gluten.  The Paleo Approach.  Bee pollen rules.

Passion Tea Starbucks! Oh, and a good laugh from my happy friends. Laughter is the best medicine baby cakes! Make sure you have a BIG belly laugh everyday.

How do you stay young?  Positive programming the brain:  I am strong and healthy.  I am calm and capable in all situations." Write a Gratitude Journal and collect angel wings from the ground.   Energy facilitator for www.psych-K.com by Rob Williams.  I meditate daily Dr. Joe Dispenza You Tube.  Binary Beats You Are the Placebo.

My favorite clothing designer "Betsey Johnson"

Zoe Zoe Photo Images for Zoe

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Facebook Interview 2017

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

1.  My new mantra, "I am living the good life." 

 2.  My sugar addiction, I'm overcoming this offensive food.

   3.  At  7 years old, a mormon Sunday school teacher scolded me for dressing up like Jesus at a Halloween party.

   4.  I don't text unless it's for an address.

5.  Sometimes I shove my worn panties in my male slave driver's mouth in San Francisco. 

6.  I know a lot a stressed out people from Tesla. 

7.  Last month, I did a private gang bang with black guys.  They wanted me to call the N*33er!

8.  I eat a tablespoon of coconut oil everyday.

  9.  My Angel Cat Facebook page,  3 rescued cats, the monster cat crew


11.  At seventeen, I climbed a teether ball pole in front of the football time on a dare. I orgasmed

and they did not know!  HA HA HA

12.  I did Bikram Yoga for 10+ years.  I received 8 awards for sixty straight days for the Hell of Yoga

13.  My college dance teacher raved about my long legs to everyone.

14.  I love coffee baths.  I'm a human Starbuck's machine.  Look for video 2018.

15.  I'm have a dozen pissing videos on my hard drive, the real stuff I do to my male slaves.

16.  Right now my favorite TV series is "WHITE COLLAR".

17.  A Hollywood male actor keeps asking me to marry him.

18.  I survived my childhood.  I was smart enough to run and lay low to tame the beast.

19.  Phone sex about blackmail gives me a lot of ideas. 

20.  My dead dad is Trump.  He destroyed his family, criticizing & yelling 24/7.  He is not my dad anymore.

(my white buffalo women fantasy, she sent him to the light and not on the planet anymore)

21.  I have a nice collection of angel feathers.

22.  My favorite cartoon characters are Minions. 

23.  My life:  if it does not kill you it makes your super human.

  24.  My Facebook page has the most dick pics in chat 2017.  I've seen it all.

  25.  High powered people tell me secrets their therapists don't know about,  I'm discreet and trusted.

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