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Legend Kitty Foxx Las Vegas House of Sex - Kitty Foxx and Zoe Zane Photo

Vintage Kitty Foxx photos are not sharp.  Sex Party Photos AVN Porn Convention 2002

Kitty Foxx  loved sex.  Before she went porn Alan and Kitty owned a small strip club.

One night the crowd begged Kitty to get on stage and dance.
 That is where it begin dancing topless at 47.
Swinger Kitty Foxx at Las Vegas Red Rooster famous for her gang bangs and creampies!
40 guys (her first VHS video) - Alan said they wore the tape out.

Kitty Foxx and Zoe Zane Porn Stars

Zoe Zane's life with Kitty Foxx:  I posted on Google we had sex in her house for sex.  Kitty said,
 "NO!  DON'T say that Zoe.  The police in Las Vegas know what I do."  She didn't want fans and the police flocking to her front door.
 It was a humble house with three bedrooms and small swimming pool.

 Las Vegas is freakin dry hot, her yard was fried. Kitty and hubby Alan were chain smokers.  The house smelled like a smoking casino. 
If it goes up for sale again, I need to buy it and make it an historic porn house for content shoots. 
Kitty (swinging granny of porn) was a content provider for major LA porn companies, wild orgy's, gang bangs and live cam shows on  

Just after Christmas day, December 26, 2003, she fell to the floor with a aneurysm.  She hated exercise, a heavy smoker, ate crap food.  It killed her.
Husband Alan died 1 1/2 years after Kitty turned ill.  It broke his heart.  He died peacefully in his sleep.  Kitty's website, porn content and camera were sold.
 Kitty lived another year after Alan's death in a nursing home (stroke).  Alan and Kitty did 400+ porn movies. 
 Kitty Foxx laid the foundation for all mature female porn stars today.  
To this day all her fans are loyal.  They still love Kitty Foxx.  I love Kitty and she will always be my porn mommy.  Zoe Zane

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